Festival Information

Here’s some general information about this year’s Wonderland Music Festival:

2022 Festival Hours…

Friday 12th August: 12h00 to 01h30 – strictly tickets
Saturday 13th August: 12h00 to 01h30 – strictly tickets
Sunday 14th August: 14h30 to 21h30 – strictly  tickets

Although we advise to buy tickets in advance due to the capacity of the festival ground, but if they are not sold out there will be tickets available at the entrance gate. Tickets will be required to enter the festival throughout the weekend, there is NO free entry.

Festival FOOD & DRINK :

There will be plenty of food to choose from at the festival :

– There’s a food hall located in the courtyard area, offering a large selection of hot and cold dishes at various prices that you can choose from, open all day on Friday and Saturday until closing at 20h30 pm, we will also be serving breakfasts from 9h00 on Saturday and Sunday morning.
– The BBQs in the garden will be serving tasty hot pork rolls, burgers & sausages as well as hot chillis, stews and vegetarian choices throughout the day and until 22h00 each evening.

All food and drink – including alcoholic drinks, must be kept in the camping area, any drink or food being brought in to the garden or courtyard area won’t be permitted.


Some Do’s and Dont’s

We are a family festival and it’s great to let the kids have fun, we have children’s circus workshops, bouncy castle etc. all inclusive for the children on a ticket that can be booked in advance 12.50€ per day or 25€ for the whole weekend for unlimited fun, but the entertainers are NOT child carers.

The children love the music also, so it’s great to let them stay up a bit later to see the bands BUT please keep an eye on them, there will be a lot of people here and it will be getting dark, please keep a check on where your children are at all times, this is a country farm and there is an open lake on the property.

Please keep your children under control, children seen climbing trees, chasing livestock, dogs, cats or chickens will be returned to their parents.

Please don’t put toddlers in tents on their own to sleep, much better to have a pushchair near you.

Children must not be left unattended in motor homes, tents or cars.


We understand that if you are camping here for the week end it’s not always easy to find someone to care for your dogs at home, and although we would rather you left them at home we appreciate it isn’t always possible. So we accept dogs with campers and there is a 5€ charge for each dog you bring, please be sure to clean the ground after them and keep them on leads at all times. The charge is to go towards insurance cover in case of anyone being bitten or dog fight damage! For day/evening visitors who have dogs please leave them at home – if you do have to bring them the same dog charge will apply. All dogs will be given identity bands.

All dogs must be kept on leads and be wearing a collar band


– No Candles in tents
– No fires to be lit other than the festival camp fire
– Due to serious drought conditions this year, NO disposable BBQs – it is too dangerous.


Camping is available for 2 nights and 3 days, early bird tickets must be bought before April 30th for the special offer. Camping tickets include all the music (no food). See ticket info.

  • Camping facilities access to water and wash-up area, flush and compost toilets, solar showers, and grey water disposal. Motor homes and tents welcome. 
  • Please note that whilst we allow Campers to bring food and a small amount of alcohol to the festival, it must be consumed in the camping area. NO BOTTLES allowed, beer in cans, wine in boxes, STRICTLY NO Alcohol or food must be taken in to the festival area.
  • No Alcohol must be brought into the camp site for the purpose of re-sale.


If you want to come along to volunteer, play at the open mic in the afternoon or would like to perform with circus acts, please get in touch !