Will and the People

Will and the people is the manifestation of Will Rendle’s outlandish and unique musical vision. With Will at the reins, this group are proof of what a hard working band can achieve with a clear vision and off-kilter, whimsical, instant pop songs. Their sound is scattered with skanking rhythms and bouncing beats, delivered with a smooth but raucous energy.

Their attention to melody, something they proudly state comes from their biggest influence Bob Marley, lends to their infectious sound that has audiences dancing around the world.

2011 saw the release of their self-titled debut album through their own record label Baggy Trouser Music. The album contains the singles ‘Lion in the morning sun’, which charted at number 10 in the Netherlands, and Salamander, which recently achieved mega hit status on 3fm, also in the Netherlands. The album itself also made it to number 1 in the itunes reggae chart. The following year they released their second album ‘Friends’ which again clocked up the radio hit lists with ‘Holiday’ and Sensimilla and brought them even close to cult status in the Netherlands where their songs are sung on the football terraces.